Nikon expands to the Coastal Region

Takashi Yoshida Managing director Nikon Middle East FZE with Nahendra Menon regional Head sales nad marketing Nikon middles east EFZ

Nikon, a Japanese multinational company that specializes in optics and imaging products plans to increase its market share in Kenya by unveiling its latest showroom facility in Mombasa County as it eyes the growing film industry in Kenya. Imaging Solutions Ltd, the official and authorized distributor for Nikon Products in Kenya is pleased to announce the opening of Elite Nikon Pro Shops in Mombasa and Nakuru.

While opening Elite Pro Shop in Mombasa along Moi Avenue next to Tusks in Mombasa, Sales Manager for Nikon Middle East Narendra Menon, said the coastal region has numerous beautiful sceneries that could be captured using the right equipment to market the country as a tourist destination point and prime for film industry to thrive.

Menon said Africa is an emerging market with great opportunities for growth of film industry but there was lack of exposure, guidance, training as well as inaccessibility the best film equipment to compete equally in the market.

Takashi Yoshida addressing the press

“The coastal region has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful beaches, culture and landscape, we believe with a growing culture of photography in country we can nurture the talent and offer better equipment through a Nikon partnership” to enhance their dreams,” he added.

Nikon cameras are fully capable of movie content, such as South Africa Nikon D810 and D750 are used in the film industry and such initiative could empower local content providers in addition to job creation in the market.

Presently Nikon has a training program for first time buyers and occasionally bring in international photographers such as Stephen Segal a renowned photographer from South Africa to train local photographers on maximizing the functionalities of a camera.

Besides, Nikon school initiative also trains local photographers for free regularly whether indoors or photo walk in the forest, all one need is registering on and becomes eligible to attend a session. Currently Nikon has presence in 30 countries in Africa.