Infinix Mobility launches another new brand-the Infinix Zero 3 (X552) Specs

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The Infinix Zero 3 is the latest smartphone in the market from Infinix Zero series lineup of premium devices from the manufacturer to be released in less than 12 months after the company unveiled the Infinix Zero 2 which sparked the market.

Speaking during the launch of the Zero 3, Infinix Kenya County Manager Carter Tang said that the company is intent on tapping into the youth and middle-income earning segments of the economy by offering devices that offer superior functionality at affordable rates.

“Kenya’s internet infrastructure expansion, coupled by the mobile telephony penetration, offers us a grand opportunity to expand our reach with affordable devices that deliver superior functionality,” said Tang.

4229e271c184c76b82395bb32cb85a9b_c61305093d70a4280e2a48abebc3f77458fb1763The Zero 3 comes packed with interesting and unique features that takes smartphone experience to a whole new level. Capture crystal clear images like never before with the super amazing 20.7MP rear Sony camera that has been equipped with 6P Largan lens. This phone seems to have catered for the needs of Selfie lovers as it comes with 5MP front camera including a flash for those super cool selfies with friends.

To achieve natural supplemental lighting for enhanced details and vivid colors, the model comes with double LED flash (warm & cool light) auto-calibrates for 6000K to 2300K light based on ambient environment temperature. Ideally, you can capture “sun kissed skin” even with nighttime shooting which is not possible with most flash found in other smartphone models.

Zero 3 also has Four-lane MIPI data transfer which provides 30fps 4K ultra-clear recordingsInfinix-Zero-3-back-768x576 for vivid imagery as well as fast & slow motion recording hence enabling interesting compilations. The users will be able to capture moments in time, literally and also feeling the amazing next-gen 120fps slow-mo for effects on par with professional equipment.

Unlike the other traditional cameras that they scan first then you shoot an image, this one takes snapshots spontaneously. With 192 PDAF, IMX230 is a great improvement to the traditional contrast AF scanning system. PDAF calibrates instantly, especially under good lighting conditions.

Pro camera modes allow ZERO 3 to satisfy daily shooting requirements of avid users. Based on environment, setting such as ISO and shutter speed can be configured; slow shutter presets are also available. Users can produce professional photos without third-part apps. There are 8 unique filters to choose from including Memory, Whiteboard, Mono, Gorgeous, Sepia, Elegant, Fresh, and Negative. HDR mode increases motion range for enhanced details and more vibrant tones.

infinix-5859-530351-4-zoomMTK flagship platform Helio X10 is combined with Real OCTA-64-bit 2.2GHz CPU for a benchmark score of 50000+. With this smartphone, you can easily handle complex apps and still maintain smooth operation. Equipped with the best multimedia technology, this device fully supports 120Hz display and Smart Screen. The GPU comes with Multimedia imaging for enhanced auto focus and real-time phase detection.

Other features include Instant Focus, 1/16 Super Slow Motion, 480fps content creation, and H.265 Encode for up to 4K2K 30fps. This is coupled with 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage space. If this space is not enough for you, there is a microSD card that can expand the space up to 128GB. This is a very powerful combination that makes this phone one of the attractive and cheap smartphones in the market.

3GB RAM is bundled with OCTA-Core CPU to eliminate long loading times and frame freezes. This combo can process more apps simultaneously for smoother operation and a better gaming experience

infinix-5858-530351-3-zoomThe 5.5FHD 400ppi 1080P screen is designed with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for high light transmittance, allowing users to experience greater clarity for immersive gaming and video. Whether you are watching football or browsing photos, no one will be left out with this IPS technology which enhances 178°wide viewing angle.

For best communication, good call quality should be essential to all smartphones. Considering this, Zero 3 provides an experience akin to live performance with Knowles high-fidelity magnetic boom microphones and Helio X10 audio processing. This pump up the volume outdoors for incredible bass and minimal quality loss. Alternatively, users can plug in a headset for stunning Hi-Fi sound. The smartphone utilizes wide frequency high-sensitivity AAC 1206 audio for noise-free calls, regardless of distance.

Another amazing feature about this phone is its ultra-slim and features long-lasting power Infinix-Zero-3with an energy density of up to 643WH/L. It is equipped with a 3030mAh large-capacity battery that utilizes 4.4V high-voltage batteries from the world renowned manufacturer ATL.

Despite the Zero 3 technology and feature advances in the world of smartphones, Still these Infinix Series lack another very important and useful milestone when it comes to mobile networks whereas other smartphones are already impressing 4G network, the Infinix does not yet supports 4G simcard/ network other than the 2G and 3G which is soon becoming outdated.

The phone is available in gold, silver, blue, red and black, retailing at Ksh 18,500 on Jumia.



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