Thika Golden Pearl: Bridging the gap in the housing sector


Thika Golden Pearl gated community estate which is located 5km off Thika super-highway along Thika-Gatanga road is the most upmarket area in Thika.

The largely gorgeous estate was complete last year in march,2015 and sits on 84 acres of land.

One of its trademark features is the modern stone perimeter wall that is backed up with an electric fence which has a state-of-the-art grand gate.

With all these marshaled with a 24hrs CCTV surveillance system, there is no doubt that the facility represents the real definition of a typical modern estate that comes with utmost elegance.

According to the proprietor Mr. Peter Mahu, the ongoing tarmacking of access roads will complete the projected perfect design. But he adds that there are more eye catching features within and outside the estate.

”There is a social park which is called arboretum complete with a fitness centre, an aerobic swimming pool, a basket ball court, tennis court, skating path ways aMelville BackShotPoolnd manicured grass,’says Mr.Mahu.

The estate has a seasonal stream called Palm Brooke that cuts across it   and forms a beautiful lagoon with natural pathways, gazebos as well as having a house that sits on top of it.

The residents will not drive away to get their needs, hence some plots are being reserved for a beautiful designed shopping arcade with cafe’s, mini-marts, beauty parlors and offices.

”Young parents will be able to take their kids to a kindergarten that is within the community.Apart from the county government water, a bore hole will be constructed to ensure there is plenty of water always, ‘adds Mr.Mahu. The security is tight in the estate and a police post shall be erected.

He told CEO Africa that the concept for Thika Golden Pearl is to sell plots to person(s) who are willing to build their own homes with a well done master plan which they give to such clients.
Currently a quarter of an acre plot ranges from kshs.5.5 million and by the time they finish tarmacking all the access roads in the estate, the same quarter of an acre plot will range from kshs.8 to 10 million.

Mr.Mahu acknowledges that there are three types of house typologies in Thika golden pearl which they have segmented into islands because each island is distinct with its own different characteristics.

The islands are Wellington,Palm and Mellvin.A house in wellington island, which is four bedroomed has a post modern look with a flat roof, big windows representing a more futuristic look. The flat roofed houses are on a raised ground which gives a good aerial view of the whole estate overlooking the pearl brooke stream.

He adds that houses in Palm Island are four bedroomed with an artistic kind of roofing and are grand houses for people who have a feeling of living in a big house. They are being designed to have an arctic roof where you can also create another room.

Houses in mellvin island are four bedroomed designed for ‘kingly’ feeling, meaning it’s suitable for people who feel they want to live as kings. They have an antic roof design.

There is a bridge connecting mellvin to wellington islands with a two car capacity,pedestrian walk and bike provisions.Each island sits on serene environment with natural trees that give them a very cool feeling.

Wellington Island Backview”All the houses in the three islands sit on a quarter of an acre plot and if
constructed by thika golden pearl, they will start from Kshs.20 million to 45 million depending on the square metres of the house,”notes the Proprietor.

Mr.Mahu says that this is one of the most organized gated communities that will have a management company that ensures that all the standards are maintained.

Clients have started to do their own houses which show that the place is ready for occupation including a show-house for palm island houses already on the offing.