Jumia rebrands now offering a variety of products and services

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By Beth Ngugi

Africa Internet Group, now Jumia has expanded its network by connecting with various companies to give access to products and services from its leading platforms.

Jumia being ranked as the first E-commerce platform in Africa has provided its customers with a variety of products and services after a rebranding a number of companies like Jovago an online hotel booking to Jumia Travel, Hello food (a food delivery company) to Jumia Food, Kaymu (a community market place) to Jumia Market, Lamudi (real estate) to Jumia House and AIG X (company’s logistic services) to Jumia Services.

One of the founders and Jumia CEO, Sacha Poignonnec noted that with the help of the internet people’s lives have improved and they are providing a platform that caters for the customers’ daily needs.

“Uniting all services allows us to better help our customers fulfill their daily aspirations. This is all possible because people connect to our platform to access those services and products in an environment that we have designed for them, addressing their needs and expectations on quality, choice, price, trust and convenience,” said Sacha

Jeremy Hodara, the co-CEO said that this is a move to also strengthen their brand as well as build trust with their customers across Africa.

“Operating under the same brand name reinforces the legitimacy of proposing other services to our customers and to our sellers, “Jeremy noted.

African consumers have the opportunity to access these products and services from everywhere while companies now have the opening to expand, become better and increase their performance.

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