Tech Star C.E.O opens up about his tremendous Achievements


By Amos Njau

From a humble beginning, Erick Luyali boasts of hard work and commitment as an engine to success. Braving ups and downs, Erick has achieved what his peers might never achieve in lifetime.

Luyali’s ambition to be a millionaire never lost light despite his humble beginning.

His parents were poor and thus he could do all manner of job that could come on his way, he was determined to ensure that his children could not go through the hell.

Presently Luyali is the CEO of Tech Star Technologies after attaining a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Kampala University in Uganda.

Erick’s success story can be traced from the many times he went to school without food due to the arduous level of poverty that had terrorized his family.

Like a determined hungry lion, Erick sought for ways to detach himself from the threads of poverty. He sought all manners of casual jobs after completing his form four education, and funded himself at the A-Level in Uganda.

Erick’s self sponsor at A-Level was not the end but just the beginning of the hard task ahead of him.

At Kampala University, naïve and new, Erick put in more effort especially when he met the computer and his IT tutor. Admiring technology Erick worked tooth and nail to ensure that his dream comes to pass.

Banking on God for guidance, Erick got his degree and immediately a job hunt knocked his door steps. His first encounter was in Qatar with a Videophone Company under FXXT and FTTH in the implementation of 4G and 3G networks in Qatar.

The job was not good enough for him and he quit for a Huawei Company. He later applied for a vacancy in Kenya telecom.

Fully equipped with IT skill, Luyali was employed by the Telkom Kenya under Orange for a period of five years but he could not cope with the meager salary. He later resigned to venture into business.

Together with his friend, Luyali pulled resources together to start a business. Very ambitious of the receipts from the business; Luyali was very discouraged for in the initial stages business did not pick up.

“Life became hard to me; I don’t know what I have not tried in life, after quitting job in Telkom Kenya, I joined hand with my friend but it failed miserably due to financial crisis. But this taught me a lesson to persevere in life as nothing come easy,” Luyali asserted.

Failure of his first business prompted him to seek a job in ZUKU where he worked for a period of three (3) years then re-entered the business world to start Tech star technologies limited.

Based in Nairobi Tech star is an IT company that deal with sales and repair of computer and mobile phones, networking, installation of intercoms, switches and routers.
Satisfied with the new business, Luyali asserts that he can never think of a white colour job for it restrains one from exhausting his potential.

Talking of the success of the company from the time it was registered, Luyali says it has been contracted by various organizations in the country to install and maintain their IT equipment’s.

Boasting of the need for IT, Luyali asserts that Kenya’s vision 2030 is IT based and by this knowledge work is made easier and communication costs cut down.

Although nothing is perfect under the sun, Luyali accepts that his company has faced several challenges within and without.

As the Tech Star CEO, government taxation is the greatest monster that dares to swallow his achievement. Though he is not opposed to taxation, Erick Luyali says that a priority should be given to ICT by exempting all the taxes on IT equipment.

Government tendering the CEO says is problem for there exist nepotism and corruption.

“Corruption and Nepotism have taken roots in the Country, if you don’t belong to “certain community” it will be hard for you to be awarded a tender, if you find someone not from your tribe be sure you won’t win the tender unless you promise a side kick.” Luyali said in an interview.

The Tech Star CEO pointed a blame finger on government for doing less in ensuring that youths in the country are given jobs.

Luyali advises that the government should be give first priority to the less fortunate people in the society for this will help to reduce the level of poverty in the country. And for the youth who shy off, Luyali advices them to be vibrant in starting projects that requires less capital and be ready to face the challenges that might occur.