AAHI to invest 2.5 billion in drought mitigation measures

Mr. Abou Moussa, center, at his inauguration in Nairobi as Patron of Action Africa Help International. With him is the International Board Chair, Dr. John Tabayi (L), and the Executive Director, Dr. Caroline Kisia.

By Jacktone Lawi

 Action Africa Help International (AAHI) has announced plans to invest 25 million US dollars in drought mitigation and hunger alleviation programs this year.

According to AAHI Executive Director, Dr. Caroline Kisia the funds will be used to empower and sensitize those in Arid and Semi Arid Lands areas (ASALS) on self sustaining initiatives, having spent 20 million in the last financial year.

Famine having been declared a national disaster in Kenya and Somalia with Hundreds of people in the region currently facing acute hunger the organization is currently running a pilot agricultural programme using drip irrigation in Turkana County, to see whether the regions can be self sustaining. 

 “Our livelihoods project in Kakuma refugee camp in the county has seen the implementation of a pilot programme using drip irrigation to grow fruits and vegetables. This has borne great success, 200 farmers working on a 3-acre farm are able to collectively make $4,000 per month from the produce. The second benefit has been improved nutrition in a traditionally pastroralist community,” said Dr Kisia.

Action Africa Help International is regional Africa-led NGO that supports communities in East and Southern Africa to sustainably improve their well-being and standard of living through the improvement of basic services (health, education, water, hygiene, and sanitation), food and income security, environmental management and responsiveness to climate change, governance, civil society strengthening and peace building, and also humanitarian relief and recovery.

The executive director who was speaking during the AAHI Patron inauguration noted that Africa needs African solutions to tackle their own problems.

“We strive to adapt programme design to effectively address challenges in our countries of operation. Being an African-led and African-focused organization, we provide solutions to solve the problems facing our continent. ”

The focus of our work is in basic services like health, education and water and sanitation, food and income security, governance & civil society strengthening, humanitarian relief and recovery and research.