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By Waridi Ajambo.

With customer delight being at the forefront VLCC wellness center a brand name that opened its doors in Kenya in 2014 is flourishing in its bid to transform your life using a holistic approach.

As they continue to do their bidding in the provision of a platform for consumers to look good, feel good and get the most out of life.

The company works in a holistic approach that not only improves your health for a short period but also towards giving you wellness that stands the test of time.

IMG_1271According to the general manager Pooja Sondhi they do not offer the same solution to every client they offer specialized weight loss treatment according to ones needs. The success of their programs is located in the individuality. Enrolling in the programs provided educates an individual and the knowledge they gain can be used to impact other people in their lives.

Working under the premise that the customer is king they are focused on providing subject specific solutions to each person’s needs. The roller coaster of gaining and losing weight is a factor that they are trying to eradicate at the centre by advocating for effective weight loss that is achievable once the fundamental reasons of obesity are identified and acknowledged.

“We do not just cater to the aspect of weight loss. We also focus on their emotional needs. This is just a step in creating a new you a more confident you,” says Pooja.

VLCC is your one stop solution towards starting your wellness journey. They not only provide nutritionists, trainers and appliances they create an environment where you continue to maintain that weight you have lost this is by offering long term solutions to the situation.

VLCC  Staff with their work attire
VLCC Staff with their work attire

“We have the best range of diagnostic equipment in the region to help you discover your body’s unique physiology. We know how to motivate people to change their lifestyle and get good results. We are friendly, flexible, mobile and professional,” said VLCC General Manager Pooja Sondhi.

Using the holistic approach one does not remain dependent on the establishment to remain healthy; one learns how to sustain that individual weight loss without that cocoon offered at the wellness center.

Pooja further emphasized that they incorporate the use of a wellness parameter that are tailor made for your body which is directed towards creating a condition of good physical and mental health, achieved and maintained by proper diet, exercise and lifestyle management.

“We have medical and non-medical clients. For a medical client the process will be slightly faster in comparison to a medical client. With the passive treatments comes the active treatment. As the client tells me their needs we cannot overlook what is there in your wellness parameter,” said Pooja.

She also emphasizes on the combination of various factors  included that are aimed at transforming your lives especially in the age that people are opting to use natural and organic products VLCC has a product line that has catered to these needs by using plant extracts.

IMG_1278Boosting of around 10 years in the industry Pooja stated that awareness still needs to go out to people of the advantages of creating a wholesome you. She however commends Kenyans for their passion and commitment to their wellness journeys. She further added that we need to be strict on our diets to prevent obesity because it is personal initiative and she emphasized that we should also incorporate proper diets for our children especially in the wake of child obesity

Passion, transparency and professionalism covers the premise of how they offer their services in order to keep you coming back for that maintenance and wellness of your whole being.

“Everything requires patience especially in your wellness journey. How your body receives certain treatments is not how someone else’s body will react. I cannot convey a message to our clients which I myself do not believe in.”

Speaking in terms of the services they offer VLCC boasts of beauty and weight management centers in the same establishment with top of the line products associated with their brand. Having their parent company in India it serves consumers across 319 locations in 146 cities and across 11 countries in South Asia, South East Asia, the GCC Region and East Africa that caters to all genders.

Apart from catering to individual needs they also work with corporate organizations driving the agenda of wellness in the workplace. This program is aimed at decreasing the rate of illness and injuries, reducing employee absenteeism, improving employee relations and morale and increasing general work place productivity. Through this VLCC will be  evaluating the wellness quotient of all the executives working in your organization, and bring awareness on the benefits of healthy living by group as well as personalized activities and counseling.

VLCC is walking away from the notion that the provisions off the centre are directed towards women they have created an environment suitable for men because wellness does not select a side. Pooja states that they continue to enlighten men on the importance of the various services that they offer such as skin therapy, weight loss program and the barber shop.

Finally Pooja emphasizes on the importance of loving your body because with that you will be keen as you take care of it.

“Do not overlook factors and let go of your body. Once this happens one can become very frustrated let that situation not arise, there is a solution to everything you just have to be open minded. It is also important to love your body because how you feel about yourself influences a lot of things that you pursue,” said Pooja.image1ss

As wellness centers continue to set their footing in the country finding one that caters to more than just one is difficult but VLCC is here to offer you that one stop shop transforming your life.








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