LG bets big on Smart Hom-Bot Turbo Vacuum Cleaner for home security

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By Jacktone Lawi

The emergence of smart appliances has heralded a new era both at home and in the work space, our gadgets have not only become smaller, they have also become smarter.

This revolution has given new reference to an old pun within the ‘techie’ community initially dominated by the nerdy IT department; ‘there is a difference between a smartphone owner and smartphone user’, the inference here being that not all smartphone owners can utilize their gadgets.

At the time smartphones and laptops were a relatively new concept and every challenge or delay in response prompted the summoning of the IT department.

Much has changed since then with technology manufacturers focusing on usability and accessibility of smart devices, creating a more informed consumer bent on personalization of devices to improve various aspects of their everyday life.

Despite the emergence of a more survey consumer, the growing number of devices has created a multiplicity of gadgets that often leave the consumer with a home full of utility gadgets most of which are used occasionally. This has in turn led to a new push for manufacturers to re-purpose their gadgets to provide multiple services and functionalities.

Though manufactures have risen to the challenge, physical security has long lugged behind in the re-purposing of gadgets. LG’s Hom Bot Turbo+ which is one of its smart home solutions is however set to open up a new range of possibilities. Initially designed as a vacuum cleaner, the bot features a ‘triple eye’ camera sensor system enabling it to track movement in three different directions and relay any suspicious activity within the home to a smart phone.

The ‘Triple Eye’ system coupled with the bot’s mobility and small size, enable it to move around undetected by introducers and relay information including video recordings and photographs to the owner’s cell phone through its enhanced connectivity features.

The feature known as ‘Home Guard’ is also coupled with its additional feature known as ‘Home Joy’ that gives the home owner intuitive control of the bot.

Most Smart Homes already come equipped with additional security features including electronic locks that can be used to lockout intruders or restrict their movement within the home. This new thinking by LG is trendsetting in that it redefines the use of home appliances from task oriented bots to Customized monitors and security detection agents. If pulled together all the smart gargets within a Smart Home, can not only accomplish various tasks, but also pave the way for a more Secure home.

Speaking during last year’s The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, LG’s president and CEO of the Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company Jo Seong-jin, said the new features represent the company’s commitment to innovation and providing customers with a better quality of life.

‘The Home-Guard feature gives consumers extra security and peace-of-mind by sending photos of inside the home to a paired smartphone when the HOM-BOT Turbo+ senses movement.’ Mr, Jo said.



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