Introducing the LG CordZero™: Freedom to clean anywhere

Discover the fun of housework when you use the LG CordZero™ vacuum to clean your home.

By Jacktone Lawi

Home appliances are arguably the best thing to have happened to man since sliced bread that has made life more comfortable and easier thanks to appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, microwave, ovens, vacuum cleaners and cookers readily available in the market.

LG Electronics which incidentally lives and breathes the ‘life’s good’ mantra has made significant inroads in the multibillion dollar home appliances market.

The global electronics manufacturer has recently introduced top of the range home appliances, bagging key awards while at it. Enjoy wireless cleaning where the vacuum cleaner travels with you throughout the house, giving you the ultimate portability.


LG’s CordZero™ canister vacuum cleaner, which snagged the prestigious IF Gold Award 2016, is a powerful and strong cordless vacuum cleaner that promises a running time of minutes, ideal for both carpets and hard floor: a must have for homemakers keen on keeping their homes sparkling clean without having to use a bucket and mop.

“The CordZero is more than just a machine. It is an expression of what we espouse as LG: that life is good, must be enjoyed, and must made more comfortable,” said Moses Marji, LG East Africa Marketing Manager.

“Our customers want something that is easy to use, something that enhances their freedom, rather than limits it. That is why usability and creativity was a key consideration when designing the CordZero. We made it cordless to allow for easier use, especially in homes where the layout of the sockets may make cleaning cumbersome when using a vacuum that relies on a cord,” added Marji.

LG has once again stretched the limits of imagination with the CordZero, cementing its position as a force for innovation and excellence in the digital age. Discover the fun of housework when you use the LG CordZero™ vacuum to clean your home. Lightweight and cordless, feel the joy of owning a compact vacuum that can easily be stored and retrieved anytime.