Nigerians react as snake is blamed for $100,000 missing state funds

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Nigerian social media space is buzzing after a local portal reported in Saturday that a government official had blamed a mysterious snake for missing funds of 36 million naira cash (over $100,000).

The funds belong to Nigeria’s Joints Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), a state agency responsible for the registration of admission of people seeking to enter the various universities.

The particular incident took place at the JAMB offices in Makurdi, capital of Benue State where an account’s clerk in answering audit queries said her housemaid and a fellow employee had confessed to using a snake to ‘spiritually’ stealing the monies she kept in an office vault.

Auditors from Abuja had been sent to take inventory of funds accrued over the sale of scratch cards to students hoping to gain access to JAMB’s website to register or check on the status of their admissions. The audit came up after reforms by the current registrar struck out use of the cards.

Nigerians on social media are looking at different sides of the strange issue. There are those looking at the political, the social, the corrupt, the miraculous and even the fun aspect of the incident. A Twitter user @NigerianSnake says in his bio: “I am the snake that ate N36 million from Jamb office. I will not vomit it.”

Below are a series of tweets reacting to the incident

JAMB QUESTION- 100MARKS. Calculate how long it will take a snake to swallow 36,000,000 Naira. If the Bank notes are either in 100, 200 or 500 denomination and tabulate the chances of the snakes survival using the APC formula.

Utter nonsense. Better produce the missing funds or be swallowed by @officialEFCC eagle snake 🐍 Buch of lying thieves. 

Strange country:
November 2008: satellite we built for 40 billion disappears

September 2004: Ship laden with 30,000 barrels of oil disappears

August 2017: Rats chase the President out of office

February 2018: Snake swallows 36 million from JAMB

I need a beer


By Abdur Rahman

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