LG Electronics Inc. (LG) second-quarter 2020 financial results were affected significantly by the worldwide impact of the pandemic. Consolidated revenue of  USD 10.51 billion was 17.9 percent lower than the same period of 2019, while operating profit of USD 405.65 million declined 24.1 per-cent from last year’s record second-quarter operating income.

The resilient company managed its supply chain and cost structure to weather the storm of the global public health and economic crises.

The LG Home Appliance & Air Solution Company reported revenues of USD 4.22 billion in the second quarter, down 15.5 percent from the second quar-ter of 2019, due to the effect of softer global demand during the pandemic. Operating income of USD 514.23 million declined 12.5 percent year-on-year even though operating profit margin of 12.2 percent was the highest second quarter in the history of the LG H&A Company. Looking ahead, the LG H&A Company is buoyed by increasing consumer interest in healthier living.

The LG Home Entertainment Company’s second-quarter revenues and profitability were impacted by lockdown measures including closures of retail stores. Sales were USD 1.85 billion, a decline of 24.4 percent from the second quar-ter of 2019, and operating income of USD 92.37 million was 25.9 percent lower. In addition to continuing to reduce material costs, the LG HE Company is aggressively controlling marketing investments, increasing the proportion of premi-um TV products, expanding online sales and further optimizing operating efficiencies to bring profitability in line with last year.

The LG Mobile Communications Company posted second-quarter sales of USD 1.07 billion, a 31.1 percent increase from the first quarter. The signifi-cant improvement is due in part to the beginning of markets opening after lockdown. The operating loss of USD 169.10 million narrowed compared to both the second quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020 as a result of improved marketing efficiencies and greater cost controls. The global rollout of LG VELVET in the third quarter along with the launch of new attractively-priced models are expected to create momentum for LG branded smartphones, growing both sales and profitability.

The LG Vehicle Component Solutions Company recorded quarterly revenues of USD 746.95 million, a 40 percent decline from the same quarter last year, and an operating loss of USD 165.82 million as a result of pandemic-related manufacturing shutdowns of global automakers. Demand for auto parts is expected to gradually recover as major automakers resume operations.

The LG Business Solutions Company reported sales of USD 1.07 billion in the second quarter, 12.6 percent lower than the same quarter last year, while operating income declined to USD 80.49 million. To help tackle the ongoing challenges, LG’s B2B division is focused on creating business opportuni-ties in the growing “untact” trend, with a focus on expanding sales of premium digital signage products, strengthening its competitiveness in solar modules and capturing a greater share of the telecommuting and distance-learning markets.


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