AA Kenya embarks on pedestrian visibility campaign

By Debbie Moraa

Automobile Association (AA) of Kenya has embarked on a pedestrian visibility campaign to promote road safety by distributing reflective sashes targeting over 20,000 school children across the 47 counties.

“Our school-going children are particularly vulnerable at dawn and dusk, or when drivers’ visibility is impaired because of smoke, dust or fog. These reflective sashes will ensure that we reduce the number of children fatalities on the roads by making them more visible to motorists. To further ensure continuity and spread of the pedestrian visibility message, we shall also be working with road safety champions in each school to ensure this is a sustainable education exercise across the country,” said AA Kenya CEO Francis Theuri during a distribution exercise at Lakewood Premier School in Utawala.

The National Transport and Safety Authority reveals that children and teenage victims of road accidents makeup 21% of road carnage victims in Kenya.

According to the CEO, Francis Theuri AA Kenya aims to create a safe motoring space in the country for both motorists and pedestrians. In partnership with FIA, they seek to raise awareness on pedestrian visibility by distributing reflective sashes to school children.

“We also go the extra mile of educating children on road safety, how to travel to school, how to cross the roads and we train teachers and bus drivers too to be able to impact even more school-going children across the country,” he added.

Apart from pedestrian visibility, the campaign also seeks to drive mutual respect between motorists and pedestrians on the road.



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