Air 034 The Pride of Kajiado: The novel aircraft restaurant set to change the clubbing landscape in Kajiado.

Flash Mwatha, the Marketing Manager of Air 34 the Boeing 707 facility.

It is quite the total Boeing 707 aircraft awaiting takeoff until you enter the inside the big bird now soaring the skies of hospitality in the lush greens of Kitengela.

Kitenga Town has had the unprecedented pride of hosting what is probably Kenya’s first entertainment joint, Air 034 The Pride of Kajiado, aboard an aircraft thanks to Kenyan creativity & ingenious enterprise.

“This dream entertainment joint was born out of trip to Thailand where an entrepreneuring Kenyan who is our Director witnessed similar ingenious entertainment areas in the company of his wife, an idea they liked and wanted to try out here at home,” says Flash Mwatha, the Marketing Manager of the Boeing 707 facility.

There lies 65 years of experience in this club already, and with it’s new renovations, the big bird is likely to last the next 40 years and easily clock 100.

Mr. Mwatha says inquiries and demands for use of the facility by an anxious local and international clientele has surged exponentially since the Boeing restaurant started making headlines.

“We are putting in best finishes so we do not disappoint client expectations hence are not in a hurry to open that might compromise on quality. The grand openning ceremony will be worth in 30 to 60 days,” says Mr. Mwatha.

The Novel Air 034 restaurant is surely set to revolutionize hospitality in Kitengela, lying just at the doorstep of the Capital Nairobi.

He adds that the management has imported the whole of the planes 3D interior that resembles the sky.

The restaurant exteriors embody the legendary Maasai culture dominant in Kajiado County.

“As our way of giving back, we have already started heavily involving locals even in the early stages of setting up this restaurant, true to our name, The Pride of Kajiado,” says Mr. Mwatha.

The novel restaurant on a plane will be divided into 3 areas: The VVIP Lounge at the cockpit, the VIP area and an Economy area.

“That feeling you have that you are flying is actually what we are trying to illustrate here at the Pride of Kajiado.” says the marketing manager.

The two hundred sixteen seater plane has since been reduced to one hundred seater capacity to accommodate for space for revellers.

“We are upgrading the plane to world class standards where you can bring your kids, hold wedding parties as well as serve as locations for video shoots for superstars” says Mr. Mwatha.


His assurance is that patrons of Air 34 The Pride of Kajiado must exit the plane feeling like that had taken an international trip, only this time to sip a drink of their favorite taste and food and enjoy tasty food while making lasting memories.

The Novel Air 034 restaurant is surely set to revolutionize hospitality in Kitengela, lying just at the doorstep of the Capital Nairobi.

For now, the facility set to open in another 60 days continues to attract widespread interest from potential patrons and observers of the dynamic hospitality industry in Kenya.

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