Airtel and Telkom customers can now make mobile money payments directly into Safaricom’s M-PESA Pay Bill Numbers

Kenya’s mobile network operators: Telkom, Safaricom, and Airtel, have today announced that Kenyans can now make direct mobile money payments to an M-PESA Pay Bill Number from any network.

This move follows the telcos’ announcement in April this year, which saw Kenyans being able to make mobile money payments to M-PESA Buy Goods and Services Tills from any network.

The objective of the interoperability of Kenya’s mobile money service platforms is to allow Kenyans to
make direct mobile money payments to any M-PESA merchant Pay Bill Number and Merchant Tills, from any network, thereby boosting the adoption and convenience of making cashless payments. The next phase towards complete merchant interoperability will see Kenyans make mobile money payments from M-PESA to the Till and Pay Bill Numbers of the other networks: Airtel Money and T-kash.

This proposition is also in line with the principles of the National Payments Strategy, 2022 – 2025, that
was launched by the Central Bank of Kenya in February this year which seeks to achieve a secure, fast,
efficient and collaborative payments system that supports financial inclusion and innovations that
benefit Kenyans: trust, security, usefulness, choice and innovation.

“From our interactive sessions with our customers we have taken note that Kenyans appreciate mobile
money solutions better when they keep on finding more reasons to attach value to their mobile wallets,
whether they are sending money, paying for goods and services, saving, borrowing or trading. The
announcement made today, on Pay Bill interoperability, brings us closer to realising a cashless economy,” said Telkom Kenya’s CEO, Mugo Kibati.


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