Alvin Onyango Sworn in As Speaker of Bunge La Mwananchi

Bunge la Mwananchi has sworn the elected speaker Alvin Onyango after being elected on 27th of August.

The speaker is the only post that held elections after the rest of the posts were cancelled due to Covid-19 protocols.

Alvin Onyango now is the new speaker of the lobby and will be in office up to 2023.

Speaking after his swearing in Onyango promised to be a good leader who will be open in his ruling during his tenure.  He said he will be fair and will not discriminate anyone.

“What you should expect from me is, I will be fair to everyone and I will not discriminate anyone. I will listen to everybody in this Bunge la wananchi. I cannot discriminate anyone according to their tribe nor political party affiliation. We will ensure that everyone gets our service well,” said Onyango.

He promised to do what the honorable members of Bunge la Wananchi will want.

“I am glad and excited at the same time to be sworn in as Bunge La Mwananchi Speaker today. Going forward, I promise to work closely with every member young and old. As you know, I am not tribal and I will endeavor to ensure that everybody is given an equal opportunity during proceedings,” he said


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