Am Your Best Bet-Ngatia Rallies university students urges them to Register as Voters

Nairobi county aspirant for the governor’s seat Richard Ngatia has urged university students to register in large numbers before the voter registration period lapses.


Ngatia, the President of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said university students were an integral component in shaping the youth agenda through the August election.


He was speaking at St. Andrew’s Church hall in the City where he hosted over 3000 students from various Universities and tertiary institutions within the Nairobi metropolitan area.


” I am calling on you to come out in large numbers and register so that we can make a resounding decision on the ballot,”


Ngatia said that university students are critical in running online and digital campaigns, noting that he is going to partner with student groups to support the voter registration drive.


” I am willing to work closely with you in the remaining days to ensure that we hit the target,”


Ngatia also called on University students to support the Azimio La Umoja movement leader Raila Odinga. He said that Mr Odinga has a better plan for the Kenyan youths compared to other presidential candidates


” Our direction going forward is the Azimio La Umoja because that is where our dreams and your dreams as young people will be realised,”


He also called on students to reach out to the chamber of commerce for opportunities in the digital economy and business opportunities outside the country.


” There are opportunities in the digital economy, scholarships for students like you and many other opportunities,”


Ngatia promised to give priority to empowering start up businesses by university students if elected Governor

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