From Google to garbage disposal: the environmentalist cleaning up India’s lakes

In an interview with CNN, Indian conservationist Arun Krishnamurthy explains why he quit a promising career at Google to lead a community effort to rejuvenate India’s urban lakes. Speaking as part of the network’s Call to Earth initiative, Krishnamurthy outlines why India is facing a range of water-related challenges, with around 70% of the country’s surface water being polluted according to the Asian Development Research Institute. Krishnamurthy tells CNN part of this is due to growing urbanisation and garbage-dumping alongside the impact of climate change: “There is excess rainfall in…

Meet the Country King of Kenya

Kenya has a burgeoning country scene, with radio stations dedicated to the genre and country music stars to boot. Nairobi’s Elvis Otieno is one of those stars. He fell in love with the genre at a young age. Kenya being a country with a strong agricultural identity, the themes of love, resilience and rural life are all relevant. Whether it’s Nashville or Nairobi—the truths are the same. This Great Big Story was made possible by Kenya Tourism.