Beautifying your garden at no extra cost

Simple concrete pots are an excellent way to update your back and front garden without spending a fortune, while also adding a new texture to it.

Even without a garden, concrete planters can be used to add outdoor feel to the aesthetics of a facility or a home. Concrete planter boxes, pots and vessels are versatile and easy to use, and with so many sizes available, you can transplant existing flowers and shrubs, or do a whole new update for every season.

For people who like to move plants around a lot, having some great-looking planters that are easy to move makes more sense than growing them on the

“If you have a small balcony garden, try potting herbs and succulents of different varieties and sizes for a contemporary look. You could also spice it up by painting a pattern on the pots in your desired colour scheme,” says Rakesh Shah, the Managing Director of Home, Garden and Patio.

There are 250 different kinds of planters, which vary in size and colour to suit any décor. Some are stained; others are painted to create a range of decorative effects. Mossy look If left bare, concrete can develop an aged, mossy look for a more natural, classical appearance. Mosaic tiles can be fixed to the outer surface of a planter to add colour, or create a customised effect.

Shah says plants potted in big concrete planters make a great choice of décor for outdoor space, especially for restaurants: “The variety of planters we have at Home, Garden and Patio make decorative boundary pieces for outdoor gardens, and inner spaces.

When placed close together they create pleasant private areas for people who wish to enjoy a drink alone, or partition bigger areas for meetings.” He says large planters are versatile and can also be used to create water fountains for beautification of front yards. He says Vipingo Ridge Golf Course has utilised empty planters as an attractive means of emphasising the club house entrance, giving it an elegant look.

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