Can HIV patients work in food factories and do the job like packing steak or fish?

By Aramis LaVette

As a former tattoo artist of 20 years I only had less than a handful of people lovingly tell me they were HIV positive.

I have so much respect for someone who has the bravery to admit such a thing for my own safety.

I gladly tattooed them regardless of fear because I understand how the disease works and the risks as well with any blood borne pathogens!

On the other hand out of 20 plus years in the industry I can’t imagine how many people with Hep C, B or even A, HIV or any other disease for that matter sat in my chair.

My point being is that any manufacturer should treat everyone as if they had something and take responsible measure to ensure the safety of their product.

I can promise you that there are many people everywhere you go in the industry business that have it as well.

As long as someone who has it takes measures to protect others from any disease is what matters.

Catching HIV outside of sexual inter course is a very hard thing to do, I’d be more worried about Hepatitis as it can survive on any surface for 30 days.

HIV can only survive outside the body for a few seconds unless it’s in a wet puddle of blood. Great question.

Aramis LaVette Studied Biblical & Theological Studies 2years



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