City Hall collected Sh1.7 billion from parking services by end of March

Nairobi City County Government collected Sh 1.7 billion from its parking charges in the period ending 30th march this financial year.

The county had projected to collect Sh 2.6 billion by close of the 2018/19 financial year and with one and half months only remaining before the year ends, the target remains a pipe dream.

The month of January 2019 recorded the highest collections, which is Sh238.3 million while August 2018 recorded the least amount, Sh 148.2 million.

In the 2017/18 financial year, the county collected Sh 1.8 billion from the stream against a target of Sh 2.5 billion.

However, Parking Director Tom Tinega believes that this year’s collections will surpass the figures attained last year, despite the challenges being experienced.

“We have a chance to improve with proper enforcement but we are aware that the period remaining is very little,” Tinega told Nairobi News.

In the months of May and June, the county has been collecting to the region of Sh 300 million, which means it can hit the 2 billion mark if tallied together with the April collections.

There are 12,000 parking slots in the county,with on-streat parking accounting for 6,125 slots , 311 and 311 for off-streat parking.

The county has 1610 loading zones while the rest are reserved for government and organizations who require special parking services.

City has revised daily parking fees from Sh 300 to Sh 200 in efforts to encourage more compliance.

The County has 416 parking attendants and there have been calls to increase the numbers if targets in the sector have to be met.

Parking charges are one of the main revenue contributors to the county apart from rates and business permits.

Poor enforcement by parking attendants has been blamed on the low collections and members of the Budget and Appropriations Commitee have been calling for an overhaul in the department.

“There is a lot of laxity and incompetence and it is about time that the county treated this department with the seriousness it deserves,” said Utawala ward MCA Karani when the department officers appeared before the commitee.

Some of the challenges cited by the department include lack of backup payment system,compromised enforcement from inspectorate officers and lack of special tow truck for towing automatic vehicles.


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