Collaboration between Cooperates and Start-ups in the UK led initiative

The British Government through the UK Kenya Tech Hub and digital innovation firm Qhala, has launched an exchange programme to bolster partnerships between corporates and start-up companies in Kenya.

Dubbed, iHelix, the programme will give big and small companies a platform to showcase and leverage their key strengths in efforts to scout for better ways of working in harmony to unlock billions of shillings in untapped opportunities in the digital economy.

‘Corporate-startup partnerships can be a win for all, especially the innovative start-ups in this country that are doing amazing work,” said Sheena Raikundallia, director, UK-Kenya Tech Hub.

Qhala is supporting the corporates on the programme to identify their challenges and the start-ups to create market-responsive products that meet those challenges, as well as go-to-market strategies.

The programme managed to link Britam Holdings, known for insuring assets and Bonfire Adventures, a tour company.

In this partnership, Britam will provide cover for travelers insuring them against accidental injuries, illnesses and deaths at a cost of $1 (Sh 100) for a period of five days.

Travelers will also benefit from another cover insuring them for evacuation and hospitalization during their trip.

We want to ensure that Kenyans have peace of mind when creating memories with their loved ones; both individually and collectively,” said Evah Kimani, Britam’s director for Partnerships and Digital.

Nation Media Group is reviewing potential partnerships and is in talks with both food entrepreneur Nonnie of TryCooked and car enthusiast Robert Mwirigi in a bid to bring innovative lifestyle content to its readers.

Sasini, one of Kenya’s major tea and coffee producers has also paired with XRX Technologies for record-keeping solutions and Africa stalking for communication solutions.

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