Coronavirus: Do you have to stay at home? These online resources will help you with remote working or spending time at home

In recent weeks, COVID-19 or the novel Coronavirus has been gradually spreading throughout the world. While you shouldn’t panic, you should follow all the recommendations of official agencies, such as the WHO or your country’s government.

Even if you aren’t sick, you may have been advised to stay home for reasons of prevention. And this may mean you have to do some remote work, which, if you aren’t used to it, isn’t always easy. To help you out, we’ve put together several articles with tips for working remotely, along with some apps (mostly free) to make it easier for you to do your job effectively.

Are you a student and your classes have been canceled or you can’t physically go to school? Then go to the next section, where we have compiled resources to help ensure that these weeks when you won’t be attending classes are not wasted.

Also, at the end of this piece, you’ll find resources to help you make sure that those all those hours spent at home aren’t as boring: we’ve got free games, resources on where to watch movies for free, and even where to download ebooks for free. Countless hours of entertainment!

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