EABL launches ‘Raising the Bar’ initiative to ensure bars comply with Covid-19 protocols

The Raising The Rising Bar Initiative powered by East African Breweries Limited (EABL) has begun their deployment phase in over 100 bars and eateries in Nairobi Metropolitan.

The initiative launched in December 2020 is aimed at supporting bars and restaurants, through bartender training, equipment, products, merchandise, and other incentives as they seek to create a safe environment in line with the Covid-19 pandemic safety measures protocols.

The deployment phase follows an extensive prequalification process that saw the company receive over 500 applications for the programme between December and March 2021.

Raising the Bar, now in Uganda and Tanzania has seen over 2,273 outlets and 3,800 people receive training on Covid-19 protocols, a key pillar under the programme.

Speaking at Phoenix Bar and Grill in Zimmerman Nairobi, Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL), Commercial Director, Joel Kamau said, the deployment phase is the second part of the initial recruitment phase of the programme that has seen 95 bars and eateries retrofitted with Covid-19 safety elements to ensure a safe environment in their outlets for consumers.

“We are proud to visit the Phoenix Bar and Grill to witness the work that has gone into creating a safe drinking environment for our customers. The Rising Bar Initiative is in full gear having already retrofitted 95 bars in Nairobi and its environs as we target over 400 more bars that were pre-selected following our application phase of the programme. The anticipation is that the ongoing deployment strategy will continue to other outlets across the country and the larger East Africa so as to accelerate the recovery of the hospitality sector.”

He added, “We are cognizant that our bars and eateries across Kenya have endured a difficult time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the reason we have committed through the recovery programme to address these needs in the hospitality industry and ensure the safety the safety and comfort of our customers in our outlets,” said Kamau.

Following the completion of phase one deployment, the initiative is set to kickstart the second phase of the programme, where more bar owners and eateries will be afforded the opportunity to apply from the phase commencing in September 2021. The prequalification criteria includes a Liqour license, business registration certificate, current business permit and proof of business existense before Covid-19 pandemic.

The initiative has set aside Kshs 330 million kitty over the next two years that will be used to purchase physical equipments with the aim of upscaling bartenders through service skills, management capability and safety & hygiene procedures.

An additional Kshs 500 million fund seeks to provide targeted support provision of hygiene kits with high-quality permanent sanitizer dispenser units, medical grade hand sanitizer and a range of personal protection equipments (PPEs such as masks and gloves).

Thefund will also help pubs and bars obtain mobile bars and outdoor equoments as well as establish partnerships with online reservations and cashless systems.


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