Employers to focus on employees immunity to help battle with COVID-19

Apptivate Africa, a company keen on employee wellness and motivation schemes through a mobile phone-based solution, is using M-Kula, one of its apps, to help employers ensure their employees eat healthy meals to help boost their immunity in a bid to combat COVID-19.

This goes in line with Dr. Majid Twahir’s, the associate dean for clinical affairs and chief of staff at The Aga Khan University Hospital, stated that there is no cure for Coronavirus, the body produces immunity on its own and helps clear the virus from the system.

“Employers around the world are grappling with COVID-19. Key to combating this challenge is prioritizing the health of their employees by ensuring our merchants provide the healthiest meals possibly to help boost the staffs’ immunity which is the main defense against the virus in addition to other measures set by our medical professionals and the government” Said Neil Ribeiro, CEO, Apptivate Africa.

M-Kula, the digital voucher that gives employers the opportunity to feed at their places of work in a transparent and effecient manner. Keeping employees at their workplace over lunch hour reduces their chances of picking up the virus, especially where social distancing becomes difficult at Vibandas.

 Neil added that, in addition to the measures employers have already put in place,  employers who are still operating through this period should consider providing their employees with meals on-site to help build the employee’s immunity as well as minimize their interaction with outsiders when they go to look for meals and potentially picking up the virus.






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