Erica Akinyi 14, Displaying Tremendous Talent in Swimming

Erica Akinyi Omondi, a 14-year-old girl from Consolata Primary School with over 50 swimming medals from both local and international competitions.


Her feat has caught the attention of the world after scooping so many medals in a very short time.


Although she does not have any known sponsors apart from the support she gets from her parents, Erica has displayed tremendous talent in swimming.


“I love swimming, because it gives me personal fulfilment and makes me fit.  I thank my parents for always supporting and encouraging me to keep developing my swimming talent,” she says.


Erica aims at being the best swimmer in the country, the continent and the world at large and she believes she can achieve this dream if she can get significant support.


“I want to be the best swimmer both locally and internationally, my parents have done what they can to make me great as per today, however, if I get more support, e.g. gaining admission into a school with a big swimming pool and a good coaching team, I am sure I can make my country proud,” she added.

She called on the sports CS Amina Mohamed and other sponsors to help her out.


“I request my best sport CS Amina Mohamed and other sponsors to support me too, I need more swimming equipment, more national and global competitions among other support,” she said.


She emerged as one of the best swimmers in the Dolphins competition in Kampala in April 2019 and she was to attend another swimming competition in South Africa which was cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic. Besides these, has also participated in several competitions like: NAKIFEO Competition, PIPSSA, and Ripples where she has performed exemplary too

Last weekend she won even more medals in breast stroke, butterfly, freestyle and freestyle relay in PIPSA interschool swimming competitions held at the Makini School. Her coach applauded her as a genius in the game who can achieve much more with more support.


“This girl is smart and can do much more if only she could get sponsorship. I therefore urge those who can accord her support to do so,” he said.


Her mother Lilian Akinyi Omondi said that they always support her because she loves the game and she also enjoys swimming.


“We buy for her swimming equipment and costumes, pay the coaches for her training, attend all her competitions and trainings, encouraging her to train whenever she has time and from what we have seen in her, she has the will to keep pushing. She always wants to be the best. We hope that someday swimming will pay,” she said.



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