Finserve releases mKey keyboard app to enrich lifestyle

The audacious app, mKey, is a case study of adapting technology to customer lifestyle needs. It has redefined how we communicate and transact by fusing social conversations with the best in financial services into a lifestyle defined by ultimate user experience.

 Finserve has launched mKey, Africa’s first keyboard app to converge social, and financial services into an integrated lifestyle while rewarding users as they transact.

mKey brings a differentiated user experience to the market by blending the best of social conversations with the full breadth of financial services as it captures the entire world on your keyboard, giving consumers the opportunity to make more possible.

Available on Google Play Store, the app is developed to run on the Android 4.1 and above, and soon on IOS. The app is targeted at Kenya’s increasingly digital population that is becoming savvier in enhancing their lifestyle through technology and who evidently want to perform financial transactions without visiting a bank or even switching apps.


Finserve Managing Director, Jack Ngare during the mKey app launch

Speaking during the launch of mKey, Finserve Managing Director, Jack Ngare said the app offers a unique social experience while at the same time offering convenient, safe and secure financial services. mKey will empower users to perform daily tasks such as accessing local and international news, getting aggregated local content, sharing on social media, applying for and paying mobile loans, paying for goods and services, sending and receiving money as well as a chama and group accounts that work like social chat groups, straight from their mKey keyboard.

“mKey has been created to be relevant to people’s social lives and support fun conversations on any social media platform. It is a revolutionary keyboard app with a wide catalogue of customized yetumojis and gifs that will be constantly updated to capture the pulse of trending conversations, celebrating our Kenyan identity,” said Ngare.

Adding, “mKey is the most groundbreaking keyboard app out of Africa that blends the social and  financial into an integrated lifestyle providing unparalleled convenience. Why switch between apps to perform everyday functions like reading news, paying for goods and services, sharing emojis or even applying for a loan? Simply have a keyboard that goes everywhere with you and is ready to deliver all these services at the tap of an icon. Download mKey today and enjoy the experience of seamlessness and freedom.”

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Through mKey, users will be able to send and receive money, transfer cash between bank and mobile wallet accounts, as well for the first time, open a group account where up to 10 members can make group payments and transactions.

 mKey has an integrated reward system where users will instantly earn stars and complete levels for performing financial transactions. These stars and levels offer rewards such as free airtime, free transfer of funds or an increase in loan limits. According to the innovators, this innovation has also ensured that users can perform transactions in a completely safe and secure environment.

Finserve seeks to collaborate with partners across sectors and markets to enhance mKey’s user experience for both lifestyle and financial services. “We have ambitions of taking mKey to all the markets in Africa and we are open to integrate mKey to any financial institution in the continent to ensure that we offer relevant financial services,” concluded Ngare.

The name mKey, which is inspired by the concept of mobile, is the key to unlocking new possibilities through the fusion of financial and social into an exciting keyboard app. It has added a Kenyan flavor and pride to its offering through customized emojis; YetuMoji, stickers and gifs made for Kenyans by Kenyans. The app further gives its users the freedom to co-create and use their own emojis.


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