Form One Admission Crisis

The Regional Education Learning Initiative (RELI) has made some recommendations to the government following the recent release of the 2021 KCSE result.

RELI wants the government to track and put measures on schools that consistently underperform to determine the factors behind the poor results.

They say that they are concerned by the increase in poor performance since 60% of the students that sat for the exam, scored a D+. This indicates that the secondary education system has failed more than half students that sat for the 2021 KCSE.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Sam Otieno, leader- RELI, said that the government should ensure adequate support for the public schools and also pay attention to the private schools.

“Public schools carry a lot of learners from marginalized and disadvantaged communities. The classes are flooded and we suggest an embrace of the shift system.” He further stated.

It is 6 months to the CBC transition, according to RELI, there should be an additional teacher’s transition and good infrastructures at our schools.

“The government should also bring the parents on board to ensure they engage they engage them in the transition.”Stated Dr. Purity Ngina-Member RELI.

“There is a mean score syndrome in our schools and this makes the parents and teachers not accept their children’s performance.” She further stated.

By embracing the above recommendation, RELI believes that it will reduce the temptation of parents to buy examination papers from unscrupulous people.

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