Free and fair UDA party processes

The UDA party has championed it’s vision, set up for party events/processes and has had a well thought out plug in for practical execution purely based on lessons from past experiences that have bedeviled many other party’s in the past.

The UDA party runs on a platform of truth, a basis of openness, a commitment to fairness and all this is backed by reliable mechanisms that guarantee equal opportunities for all.

This has been the rallying call all through even whilst as a party we continue to hold perhaps one of the most successful party recruitment exercises witnessed across the entire nation.

If there is anyone with full proof evidence of preferred candidates planted anywhere feel free to share the facts in black and white.

But do not use the leverage of an open platform to speak out in a manner that paints others in bad light. There are no preferred candidates in UDA!

All candidates looking to run on the UDA party ticket have a firm guarantee from non other than the party chief – H.E the DP and the party secretariat. That all party processes will be free and fair. No more, no less.

In our own Nakuru County, the Hon. Senator Susan Kihika has equally affirmed this important point as well… Free, fair, open party processes.

UDA party is the peoples chosen vehicle looking to bring equity, seeking to take the approach right from the grassroots, up to the ladder.

Under no uncertain terms will this aspirations and dreams of the deserving populace be watered down by selfish characters masquerading as informants or otherwise.

All aspirants, all our supporters and members of the general public are advised to be weary of forces both in and out of the party that seek to cause unnecessary division and confusion.

Remain focused, do not allow your party to be abused by selfish characters most of whom haven’t the slightest idea the journey you have been through in getting the party where it is today. Call bluff when it’s bluff.

Kazi ni Kazi


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