Greenpeace Africa  Lauds Plans to Roll Out Off-Grid Solar Electricity in Kenya

Responding to the news that the Government of Kenya has partnered with the World Bank to finance off-grid solar projects in Kenya,  Amos Wemanya,

Greenpeace Africa’s Campaigner has said:


Greenpeace Africa has received this news with a lot of eagerness. The project will help rural off-grid households access electricity that is important in unlocking their economic potential.

“Kenya is among the countries that have been hit hard by the impacts of climate breakdown. Investing in clean energy technologies such as solar, especially for the rural off-grid households will help Kenyans cope with climate impacts. Investing in solar will help Kenya to contribute to the global ambition of limiting temperature rise below 1.5 degrees.

“In 2018, president Kenyatta promised Kenyans 100% green energy by 2020. This partnership indicates a move in the right direction. However, Mr. President, we are still waiting for the 100%, and that means abandoning any ambitions for coal and other fossil fuels. Kenya has a huge potential to achieve the goal of 100% green energy in  2020.

By optimizing the abundant renewable energy potential, Kenya is able to improve its manufacturing, agricultural production and overcome the looming climate crisis. Solar energy will improve our irrigation potential and increase shelf life for our farmers’ produce especially small-holder farmers in the rural off-grid areas. Off-grid solar technology investments have the potential of contributing to building resilience against climate change impacts as well as providing opportunities for Kenyans to improve their livelihoods creating employment opportunities and ensuring food security.”

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