Group now Want 2/3 Gender Rule removed from the constitution

A lobby group is now calling for the scrapping-off of the two thirds gender rule in Kenya.

The Jay Network Lobby Group expressed their dissatisfaction with the way the gender rule has been partially implemented saying that they will only support it if the government will implement it across  board.

“Chief Justice David Maraga’s Advisory should help us move with speed and scrap off 2/3 gender rule from our Constitution. It is impractical to implement 2/3 gender rule. Just consider a situation like in marketing industries, women forms like 80% of personnel,” said Calystus Wafula National chairman Jay network lobby group

The organisation is now calling for the implementation of the gender rule in every sector including the military, police, jua Kali among others.

“Women should be careful not to be used by few women to press themselves down as they struggle with the wage bill.   In fact with capitalist systems where resources are limited to individuals it’s even more complicated just take a case of the wealthiest blue chip in the US like Amazon, Microsoft Facebook etc. all are men ventures,” he added.

He maintains that the only way is to make political seats and government positions less lucrative to end the narrative. Let us compete on basis of expertise we hold and press a button front for delivery rather than focusing on gender which is retrogressive.


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