Hennessy Partners With Bartenders In Support of The Hospitality Industry

Hennessy launched an initiative dubbed #Hennessymyway to support the hospitality industry during venue closures and restrictions. Bartenders in Kenya and around the world were engaged to create Hennessy cocktails in a video of fewer than 30 seconds, keeping them inspired and creative while at home.

Hennessy made the commitment to financially support its partners in need all over the world. Especially those who have always served their products with passion.

Speaking about the initiative, Alexandre Helaine – Moet Hennessy Market Manager Eastern Africa said “Across the globe, we see the huge impact that the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the hospitality industry and its severe repercussions for business and individuals alike.

As many bars are closed, bartenders isolated at home and their consumers in a similar situation, Hennessy wanted to find a way to support those whose source of income has been adversely affected by the closure of their place of work”.

In Kenya, 5 bartenders pushed the boundaries on creativity, with Hennessy serves to range from delicious twists on classic cocktails and luxurious stir downs with home-made ingredients and

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