Hon. Salome Awino destiny of blessings

After an operation at the Aga Khan Hospital, Hon. Salome A. Awino, popularly known as Abela Wangchieng’, a member of County Assembly (MCA) of Ruma Kaksingri East Ward, went to UK to visit and attend a graduation ceremony of her cousin at the Brighton University.

Though she was still recuperating from the operation, she bravely made the long journey to fulfil her quest and determination. “I have enjoyed every moment of it,” Awino joyfully said.

Hon. Salome A. Awino, popularly known as Abela Wangchieng’, a member of County Assembly (MCA) of Ruma Kaksingri East Ward, speaking during an event at her county

During her stay in UK, after graduation, she went to see the High Commissioner, the representative of Kenya in the UK to familiarize herself and learn from other leaders.

“As a citizen of Kenya and a responsible leader; development agenda for the people of Homa Bay is always in my mind. I found it wise to pay a courtesy call to the High Commissioner to familiarize myself with what Kenya is doing in the UK and how leaders like me can be useful in strengthening international relations with our hosts and the development conscious people of the UK.”

As an entrepreneur, Hon. Salome was interested to know how well the government organs and representatives are coordinating well in the geo-political and economic setups to create an enabling environment for local and international investors.

She also expressed her delightful moments with the High Commissioner who was courteous and welcoming to her. “He made us feel at home and briefed us about the cordial relations we have with the UK who are our historical friends.”

With her proven experience in Human Resource services in Kenya at Studio 22 Agencies (Abela) Ltd. (www.abela47.co.ke), which she is the founder and CEO; she suggested the need to enhance manpower services for both skilled and unskilled personnel to meet business needs between UK and Kenya.

Hon. Salome termed the High Commissioner as an open-minded and development-conscious public servant who knows that, Kenyans, regardless of their political affiliation, deserve to be treated with decorum and given the necessary support in fulfilling their mandate as citizens.

“He encouraged us to broaden our networks with the people of UK and potential investors so that we can brand Kenya and make the world know the best out of it. I was happy with his actions.”

Despite the political challenges facing Kenya sometimes, the High Commissioner reminded them that they is no time for excuses or waiting, it is time for work and development, not only in Kenya but also in the UK.

He also encouraged them to make more visits and make any queries in case they are not sure about anything in the UK. “He made us more comfortable when he said his office is open for any manageable support,” Hon. Salome said while smiling.

“My greatest experience is that God works wonders! It took the grace of God for me to reach here in the UK. A day after being whirled out of the hospital, my knees, though bandaged, agreed to carry me to this place. I was still in pain though, but I ignored it.”

Hon. Salome A. Awino appreciatively, said being in the UK has given her a special opportunity to reflect and think of the importance of peace for development. She wants the world to know that Kenya is a safe destination for investment and the people of Kenya are hospitable and ready at all times to welcome them. She thank them most sincerely for this bravery and their maturity.

“I say this because in the recent past, Kenyans from all walks of life demonstrated zeal and courage to embrace peace amidst various political challenges.  But the turbulent political elections are now over. We now need to act with sobriety and move the country and development agenda forward,” she added.

Furthermore, the Ruma Kaksingri East Ward Member of county assembly, insisted that consultations and constant dialogues are helpful to strengthen people’s trust in management of resources, assuring her people that this time they will not be left behind in development as they borrow a leaf of best practices from the UK and use available opportunities and synergy between the two countries.

While in UK, she was able to meet with her cousin and many other people who she termed as so loving and caring that always she is so grateful to all of them.  “I have met new friends whom I am very pleased to know.”

“I am happy for the people of Homa Bay and the County government of Homa Bay for all the support they have given us. We did not sweat for nothing when I went visiting the United Kingdom. “

Fire fighting engine trucks donated to Homa Bay county by UK government.

Her fruitful visit to UK saw them secure two powerful fire fighting engines delivered to the county, which, always will attest that their visit to UK was not in vain but beneficial to their people and county at large.

“I thank the UK government, the Rotary club, the UK citizens and the people of Kenya, particularly H.E Mr. Awiti, the governor, Prof. Muga, Mr. Bonyo and the MCAs in the County Assembly among others. The strong cordial relationship we Kenyans have with the people of UK government has made this success possible. God bless you all for making my day,” Hon. Salome Awino acknowleged her friends support.

Hon. Salome A. Awino, popularly known as Abela Wangchieng’, a member of County Assembly (MCA) of Ruma Kaksingri East Ward, posing for a photo. Behind her is a fire fighting truck donated to the county by UK government.

During her visit, she was also able to meet and plead with UK investors to come and visit Kenya to get the best experience and exploit the shared opportunities for growth in business and development because Kenyans are peaceful, law-abiding and development focused country.

Despite Homa Bay County being young, Hon. Salome believes it has a very high prospects amid facing many challenges like need for food security and clean water to drink; electricity, build more schools as well promote a culture that promote a balanced boy-girl child education programmes.

“We need more roads and other infrastructural initiatives, encourage entrepreneurship, especially for women and youth some of who are engaged in fishing; we need to promote young men and women to venture more in studies, exchange programs with the UK colleges and engage in technological development.

Hospitals are not well equipped with drugs and radiological machines among others. We need to increase more in health budget funding to combat various diseases including HIV/AIDS and rare communicable diseases,” she explained.

Mama County urges Europeans, especially Britons, touring Kenya to know and visit more places in Kenya, including Kisumu, Siaya, Migori and Homa Bay Counties, which has a lot of resources: undiscovered expansive and unique areas for film-making industries, with nice and hospitable people.

The area also is not only blessed with minerals such as Gold, but also unique scenes with beautiful wildlife and birds for watching in Ruma National Game park through the undulating gradients reaching Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water lake in the world among others.

“Kenyans are a proud people who love their country; but they must tell the world how they can share this beauty with everyone,” Hon. Salome explains.

Hon. Salome believes Kenyans and the global community, needs to be more industrious; loving one another, regardless of race and ethnicity, and by protecting the environment, reducing pollution and producing quality food, products and services, that can boost the quality of mankind and sustain the world economies for future paybacks.

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