How a Kenyan coffee farmer uses cow dung to produce energy

Zeddy Rotich, a coffee farmer from Kericho County, explains to CNN how she uses cow dung to power her biogas stove.

“Initially we are faced with so many challenges, struggling and getting firewood. And especially during the rainy season, wood fuel does not burn up, does not produce energy for cooking. With these many challenges of collecting firewood, we decided to come together as a group, that is a group of three hundred women. We wanted to construct some biogas units, at least ten every year for the women.”
On the benefits of using biogas:
“It produces so clean energy. It is sootless, and even my silverwares are stainless. They don’t stain compared to the other older type of energy where I used to cook using wood fuel. Because it is a government regulation not to fall down trees. Therefore, it is so hard to get even firewood to cook and you have to cook for the family. Nowadays I don’t even use wood for cooking. Because initially I used to wake up early in the morning and collect firewood fast, and it will consume a lot of time. And that one also means I go to my coffee farm very late hours after taking a lot of time collecting firewood.”
On the process of creating the biogas:
“In the morning I wake up, I feed my cows. And in turn they give me cow dung, where I collected the cow dung, I put into the mixing chamber. Then I mix with water, that is in the ratio 1:1, then I drain into my digester. And from there, I can easily get my biogas.”
On her hopes for the future:
“It is also my call that all other women should have biogas units, because it is so efficient. The advantages outweighs the advantages of using wood fuel. And I just like all the women if possible, to get the biogas units and to cook using the biogas.”

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