How anti Sonko Headlines were stage managed

By Correspondent

On Wednesday at around 2:45pm, a famous ousted politician from the Nairobi County Assembly called four journalists based at and accredited to cover the county assembly.

They were picked from assembly premises and preceded to a meeting where they met one senior official from EACC and other two lawyers with instructions to have some malicious story published.

The story was already written and saved in flash-disks.

They contacted their editors.

But before that, other four journalists from electronic media (TV stations) arrived too.

The scribes were taken, step by step, through doctored documents with strict instructions to not edit anything.

Some money amounting to Sh3m was issued out to both journalists and their editors.

Astonishingly, the materials which were to be printed were edited at one of the lawyers’ laptop and saved in several flash-disks.

The stories were to run on Thursday and advert of the same had been placed, but they feared that City Hall bosses could block it through court, so they decided to print it on Saturday when courts are not operating.

Some additional amount of money was to be issued on Wednesday, same time, same place.

Yesterday, at around 4:55PM, some bloggers were also called and issued with some doctored materials.

They were directed to come up with different hashtags from different regions so that when the media airs the story, they carry it on their social media platforms.

Images, footages and phone numbers of organizers will be printed here shortly including their WhatsApp communications.

In one of the CCTV footage which is being analyzed, a certain journalist is heard asking how much was on the table and quote  “This is our career. So we will deal with the highest bidder. Journalists are being sacked from media houses over the same. So, it’s better you pay us well.”

The top politicians told the journalists that, and I quote, “ you’ll all be happy actually ‘when all goes well’ a party will be organized. We have invested in this and we must bring him (Governor) down no  matters what it takes and a by-election is in the offing.”

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