How to deal with Nigerian scammers

By May John

It’s fairly easy to deal with scammers generally. I am a Nigerian and there are many normal, hardworking and honest earners in Nigeria in their probably tens of millions.

It’s unfortunate that many people claim to have been scammed by Nigerians. Any person that proposes a business would not be in a hurry to ask you to part with cash.

If you receive an email promising you fortune please do not send any money. Instead ask the person to send you money.

If the person is a scammer they will get very furious with you and start insulting you even. Scammers are very impatient set of people, this is the number one red flag.

They are in a hurry to get your money. If you see an investment package that looks too good to be true, then it’s not.

If you see any investment that promises quick returns it definitely gonna be “no returns”. I am in no hurry to part with my money on the internet, I always want to have a rethink before I make decisions.

It will also help to use a wallet card and not a card directly linked to your account. Hope this helps.



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