How to Keep Your Bank Account Safe from Fraudsters

By Michelle Anzaya

For additional protection, create difficult passwords by use of a combination of letters, numbers and symbols whenever possible. These should not be personal details that may be easy to guess like date of birth, city or town of residence or birth, or names of family members. Avoid using the password autosave feature on your web browser. It is also advisable to change your passwords frequently and do not re-use them.

Avoid using cybercafes or public WiFi when accessing your bank account. Do not click on random links in email, social media pages and online advertisement or download unsolicited files as they may contain malware that can be used by hackers to access your account. Always ensure that you log off or sign out of your online banking sessions. Simply closing the browser window does not necessarily end your sessions. It is also important to ensure your computer is running on the latest software version.

Equity customers are encouraged to contact the Bank whenever they feel that they may be targets of fraud. You can reach out via the Bank’s verified social media channels on Facebook and Twitter: @KeEquityBank and also call 0763 000 000 with details of your fraud complaints. Customers are also encouraged to forward suspicious SMS messages and numbers to 333. Equity avises that it will only call customers from 0763 000 000, and to ignore anyone who calls from another number pretending to be from Equity. Always remember, your PIN is your secret and Equity staff will never call to ask for your PIN.

Equity has been at the forefront of innovation to ensure that it provides customers with tailored solutions that simplify lifestyles and meet their needs. In line with the Bank’s innovation strategy, the Bank has introduced a new single sign-on digital banking platform that enables customers to access digital banking services via the platform as an App, Web or USSD service. These platforms offer the Bank’s customers a seamless experience – simplified customer journeys and enhanced security. This also comes with a second layer of security through One Time Password – OTP.

Customers who wish to access services through the App can download the new Equity Mobile App on Play Store: or App Store: The App, which is highly scalable, versatile, and efficient now provides Financial, Saving and Borrowing services. Those that wish to access services via the web can sign up on the Bank’s online banking platform Equity Online:, previously known as EazzyNet.

Equity recently revamped its USSD solution and now customers can enjoy banking services irrespective of which mobile operator by dialing *247#. Banking is truly becoming something that you do rather than a place you visit.


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