Huawei Supports Kenya to Fight Covid-19

Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe and experts from the Ministry of Health held a video conference call from Afya House with their counterparts in China to learn from their experiences in managing the response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

 With videoconference equipment supported by Huawei, this was the first time the Kenyan delegation held a videoconference with the Chinese Ministry of Health and other experts. After the meeting, CS Kagwe said: “Today for the first time, via a video conferencing capacity which we have just installed today, our doctors were able to carry out a video conference with Chinese doctors, the ones who have been handling the disease in Wuhan, we were able today to talk on a one to one not only with the Kenya doctors but also with about 20 countries. We were in a video conference all of us with 20 African countries.”

 He further added: “This is an extremely important step in terms of knowledge share and it gave us a tremendous amount of knowledge which we believe will also go a long way to assisting our people.”

 Stone He, CEO of Huawei Kenya, said: “Huawei is fully committed to supporting Kenya’s response efforts. I am delighted that the equipment was so useful; it is a good example of how technology can help with communications, collaboration and coordination which are a critical part of the response to the threat of COVD-19.”

 The delegation in Kenya included more than 10 officials and experts. The purpose was to share information on the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic and discuss the best approaches for prevention and control.

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