IPM intensifies trustee trainings on pension management

IPM Executive Director James Wanyama,CIC Pension Scheme Trustee Peter Abande &Makerere Univ Scheme Chair Audit &Risk committee David Ssenoga during the Audit,Risk &Compliance workshop in Kisumu


The Institute of Pension Management (IPM) has intensified its trainings on pension management with an aim of enhancing accountability and effectiveness of pension scheme trustees and ultimately boost market confidence on pension.

These workshops are informedby the exponential growth of pension funds over the last decade. With only 20% coverage of pension in the country and over 1200 pension schemes registered under the Retirements Benefits Authority, there is a need for professionals in the pension industry to understand the critical role they play in the growth of the industry.


“Our hope is that with the workshops and trainings, trustees who manage various schemes will demonstrate an understanding of the formulation of pension schemes committees, be at a position to explain the role of various players in the committees and apply ethical practices while managing pension schemes” said IPM Executive Director James Wanyama.

Through various workshops and trainings that targets practitioners in the pension industry, the institute has contributed to the advancement of knowledge, professional excellence, best practice and integrity in the practice of pension management.

The institute has held over 10 trainings and workshops this year with the latest workshop on Trustees’ Board, Audit, Risk and Compliance Committees and Trust Secretaries held in Kisumu.

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