Juventus superstar on having Covid-19 and playing with Ronaldo and Messi

In an exclusive interview with CNN Sport, Juventus’ Paulo Dybala discusses the return of Serie A behind closed doors, saying: “Without the public… Playing football is boring.”

The 26-year-old questions the decision when he believes many of the social distancing rules are already being violated, but also reveals his own experiences after being one of the first high-profile sportsmen to test positive for COVID-19 back in March.

With Juventus still leading the way in Serie A, Dybala shares an insight into what it’s like to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo for his club and Lionel Messi for the Argentinian national team – and whether the two can ever be compared.

Dybala also reflects on his experiences growing up in Argentina, telling CNN how the sudden death of his father when he was just 14 years old helped drive his career to the top. 

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