Kabisa energy drink hits Kenyan market

A new energy drink Kabisa has hit the Kenyan market shifting market trends in the sector.

The Poland manufactured product for Sub Sahara African nations was first introduced in the country in November last year.

Kabisa is trying to wrestle the market share from other competitors.

According to Mutalo Group CEO Tomasz  Nowowiejski,, the company targets to change the energy drink sector in the country.

Our target is to have Kabisa as the leading energy drink in Kenya. The market is favorable as we have had double sales every month since we penetrated Kenyan market,” said Nowowieysky.

Before hitting the Kenyan market, the product is also being sold in twelve other African countries including; Ivory Coast, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Congo, Burkisa Faso among others.


Mutalo Group CEO Tomasz Nowowiejski (RIGHT) and Kaja Suchora

The CEO noted that Kabisa uses natural ingredients like natural sugar instead of glucose syrup which is harmful to human health.

Our product uses natural ingredients and has a familiar taste which is good for human health unlike other energy drinks which use chemicals,” he said.

“The energy drink is of high quality. Our strategy to penetrate into Kenyan market is adopting low prices for the product to make it affordable to everyone. Kabisa drink is characterised by the high quality it has and its cheap price compared to the current energy drinks that are of low quality with high prices hence affordable to people,” said Tomasz

“The Kabisa drinks will be directly imported from Poland to Kenya before we set the factory in Kenya for distributors to access and sale to the people. So far the first shipment is about to arrive at Mombasa port,” he added.

The word Kabisa is a Bantu word which resonates well with African culture. The product is available in Nairobi but we are targeting to reach all corners of the country.”

He said in future the company intends to establish its manufacturing plant in the country to boost the economy and also creates jobs for Kenyans.

“We manufacture the product in Poland, we do everything including exporting to African countries and distributing it to the market but in future we  might consider having production done in Kenya,” he said.

“Kenyan market has a big potential for our product. It has been received well. The only challenge we have law on foreign direct investments but with the country’s growing economy we will make it.”

With the arrival of the product on the market, Kabisa is trying to wrestle the market share from other competitors.

We have a strategy for Kenyan market to turnaround the market in our favor. Our focus is just producing energy drink and focusing on the market. We don’t want to everywhere at once but penetrating Kenyan market step by step,” Nowowieysky said.






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