Kenneth Nyamwamu launches Nairobi gubernatorial race, unveils running mate

Nairobi Gubernatorial aspirant Kenneth Nyamwamu has promised to eliminate all cartels that have taken over services and utilities in Nairobi County.

Nyamwamu who is vying on a United Party Alliance ticket says that he is well aware of the cartels that have taken over services in the county and made delivery of services to the masses inaccessible.

Speaking at Nairobi’s KICC where he officially launched his campaigns and unveiling of his running mate, Nyamwamu also promised to cut business licenses and permits by half.

“My predecessors have been dancing around the issue of cartels. So these people have taken advantage of the situation and are now running illegal entities within the county government. I will eliminate the loopholes quietly by building strong systems using by computer science and data analytics background,” said Nyamwamu.

Nyamwamu further said he is a clean man having never been implicated in any scandal all is life saying he will be a safe pair of hands to run the city.

The nurse by profession, Nyamwamu settled for Lilian Tina Achieng as his running mate following her strong background in community based development and gender activism.

According to Nyamwamu, Achieng’s banking background will also bring the technocrats skills required in managing Nairobi.

In his manifesto, Nyamwamu promised that says that his administration will give the people of Nairobi great leadership and reliable services to the people of Nairobi.

He also said he will make Nairobi business friendly provide electricity and water to informal settlements develop an app to be used by boda bodas to help increase efficiency and safety in their business operators in Nairobi county.

He further also says he will improve service delivery to all Nairobi residents, improve county health services to residents and develop reliable, affordable and efficient public transport system to eliminate congestion and traffic jams in the city.

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