Kenya to host Sports Film Festival to honour sportsmen

Kenya is set to host the first ever Sports film festival that seeks to celebrate local and international sports personalities who have excelled in the various disciplines.

With a view to promote sports film in Kenya, the festival will feature both men and women drawn form all the sporting categories.

Sponsored by Safinaz Foundation and Alpha Sports Limited the initiative will seek to foster unity, nurture talent,and celebrate sportsmen through the showcasing of short film documentaries

“First ever international Sports film festival will start on 22nd to 25 of November in Nairobi targeting sportsmen who have done well internationaly in the last 50yrs” said former national cricket team captain Aasif Karim.

This 3 day festival in November will offer opportunity for audience to view leading nominated sports movies from Kenya and around the world.

This will be the 2nd sports film festival ever done in Africa with the 1st one taking place in Ivory Coast.

Currently the firm has already recorded 150 entries that have been submitted as from 1st of July with Kenya only submitting 3 entries.

the Films will feature cricket, athletics, NFL, rugby, tennis , Boxing, golf, Motor Cross, Safari rally, Soccer Tennis and Volleyball

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