Kisumu and Siaya leading in Election Related Sexual and Gender Based Violence-FIDA Report.

Siaya County has the highest number of sexual gender-based violence against women aspirants, voters, and supporters, a new report has shown.

According to the Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA-Kenya) report on Election Sexual Gender-based Violence that was conducted between April 2022 when the party nominations began and the end of June 2022, at least 745 cases were reported in 24 counties.

Siaya county recorded a total of 59 cases with Samburu being the lowest with 13 cases.

“SGBV is still prevalent against women aspirants, voters, and supporters. The study is mapped out by monitors across various counties which fed in data in real-time regarding the situation on the ground,” the report by read in part.

Cultural events including church gatherings, and funerals are where the incidences were most recorded.

FIDA also noted that social media is not the actual cause of violence but a tool to fuel and exploit existing divisions.

The body has promised to continue collaborating with the various agencies to arrest the rising cases.

The federation has now launched a physical and online Election Observation Center to provide psychosocial and legal support across the country.

They have also deployed monitors across the 47 counties to help report, map, and document incidences of SGBV perpetrators.

Pro-bono lawyers and counsellors have also been trained and are on standby to offer support.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday, August 3, Nancy Ikinu, the Chairperson of FIDA said a portal has been established to report the cases from the ground to ensure they give a timely response.

She also called on the IEBC to ensure a credible and peaceful election.

“FIDA-Kenya has established a reporting portal which allows 100 monitors in the 47 counties to feed in data on the ground. This is to ensure aunthecity and timely response to the matters. We remind IEBC of the importance of a free and peaceful election,” she added.

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