By Mourice Seretta


Former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri has unveiled his new political party dubbed The Service Party, TSP.

Speaking when he launched the party flanked by some of its national officials in Nairobi, Kiunjuri says the party will be a grassroots national party that will not only be the voice of Mwananchi, but also one that will approach politics differently.

‘We are deeply aware and saddened by the enduring divisions, persistent quarrelling and the general slide towards divisionism that has become part of our politics. We therefore come with an honest realization that service cannot be effectively delivered in this kind of environment. We want to listen to Kenyans, build our agenda from the grassroots up, prioritize the most heartfelt issues that are keeping Kenyans sleepless that are food insecurity, unemployment, poor access to the basics of life including affordable health, clean water, low incomes amongst others,’ Kiunjuri says.

Kiunjuiri who is the Party Leader of TSP further says the party is committed to building its politics by getting their voices heard where and when it matters and that the new party believes that Kenya will change dramatically over the next decade and this is an opportunity to pull together and ensure that those changes are fair, inclusive, sustainable and will positively impact their shared destiny.

He adds that TSP will be vibrant and never hesitate to make themselves heard on all matters of national importance, including on the intended constitutional changes, economic rejuvenation and governance ensuring that service to Wanjiku takes centre stage.

The Party’s symbol which is the heart, Kiunjuri says is the party’s promise to stand for genuine desireto serve humanity and to serve fellow Kenyans.

‘TSP as a national grassroots party will, on its part, in August this year, or as soon as COVID 19 restrictions are lifted embark on listening tours to enable us intergrate the views of our members on various issues, strengthening the ownership of this party in order to co-create TSP’s vision in the interest of a future of a more inclusive Kenya and opening of county party offices, with the inaugural launch scheduled to take place in Nairobi on a date to be announced later,’ Kiunjuiri outlines.

This is not the first party Kiunjuri will be leading having been the party leader of Grand National Unity Party, GNU, that was among the many political parties that folded up to join Jubilee Party in the run up to the last general elections. On that premise, Kiunjuri says he will be leading the party to prosperity starting with by elections to be held in the Nairobi and Naivasha following the demise of two MCAs leaving the said seats vacant.

He was categorical that he will not be seeking to vie for the Laikipia Gubernatorial seat as many have been saying rather saying he will be leading through leading members of his new party.

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