KWAL Launches New Campaign to Caution Alcohol Reveler’s

KWAL has launched an innovative communication campaign to sensitize consumers on responsible socializing.

The campaign is dubbed enjoyment itambe lakini jipange and targets revelers to observe their behavior while socializing in alcohol drinking establishments.

The campaign also supports bar and eatery owners with communication materials in line with Ministry of Trade guidelines on safe business practices.

The safe on trade consumption communication strategy features a fictional character as the star of the campaign – Mr. Chilax an alcoholic beverage personified through human traits and values. Mr Chilax’s mandate is to ensure all patrons are safe at bar outlets as they enjoy themselves responsibly. Through different forms of communication Mr Chilax spearheads responsible habits such as wearing of masks, maintaining social distance, observing hygiene protocols, being mindful of curfew time and promotes responsible trade and consumption of alcohol.

The campaign has so far been featured on various digital avenues including social media channels. A spirited effort to put up safety communication in on-consumption outlets countrywide also kicked off during the recent concluded festive season celebrations.

According to KWAL MD Lina Githuka the key aim of the campaign is to generate awareness on the ‘new normal’ through which revelers need to abide. ‘‘We want to encourage revelers to have a great time, yet in a responsible fashion in line with our local regulations.’’

KWAL has been at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19 in line with its corporate social responsibility commitments. In April 2020, the beverage giant donated 105,000 litres of ethanol valued at Kshs. 8.5 million to Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) for mass production of hand sanitizers for distribution to various groups including Kenya Police, Market Traders Associations, Mukuru community, Red Cross, etc. KWAL also donated Ksh. 10million to Kenya Covid-19 Emergency Fund in June 2020 to help cushion vulnerable Kenyans from the adverse effects of the pandemic.

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