Linda: How one chance opened up my PR career

Tell us about yourself

I was born in Nairobi in 1992.I went to St Nicholas Primary School and later Kapropita Girls High School. I studied IT in Strathmore before pursuing communications at st Paul’s university where I majored in public relations and journalism.

How was your journey after college?

I was an English news editor at ATG and writer at Sunday Express Newspaper.

How did you start doing PR?
When I was in school I saved up enough money to start my pr firm it was always a dream of mine to do public relations and have a talk show so when I got enough money I started it.

How did you get to UNCTAD youth?

I went to UN for a conference and later I got an email from a law firm to speak on public relations in their panel discussion in Geneva in April of 2019.When I got back to Kenya UNCTAD youth reached out and asked if I could do their public relations.

What is the future of communication and journalism?

Its bright because we are the eyes,ears and voice of the people.

What advise would you give young people who look up to you?

Find your passion and be the best at it.If you are good at what you do people will come looking for you.

What is your message to women entrepreneurs ?

If you empower a woman you empower a country.

What is your secret to running a successful company? Find what you do best with the least amount of effort and perfect it.Be the best at it and doors will open naturally

What sets your PR firm apart?

At Lindah Kiyeng communications we are good at persuading customers and that is the reason why our largest following is in the US
We started as a small company and the fact that we have a larger market share in the us for a company that is based in Africa speaks of our influence

My parting shot is when God put us on earth he gave us everything we needed to succeed and more.Everything you need is inside of you so find what you do best with the least amount of effort and do it

My role model and mentor is my mum Rossy Keitany.

What motivates you?

I go so hard because I want to inspire my daughter Leilani Bett to be the best she can be just as my mum has inspired me.

Where do you see yourself ten years from now? I see myself being a successful talkshow host and having a successful international public relations firm.

Why did you chose public relations and journalism?

Because it is a field that comes naturally to me and I have always been the type of person to do what I love and now I do exactly that

What do you do during your free time? Hang out with my family.Family is everything to me.I love my family so much.

 I am always at my mum’s house or my aunt’s house when I am free.

What are some of the opportunities UNCTAD youth has presented?

I have gotten to meet president’s,diplomats and dignitaries through UNCTAD youth Kenya.It has also given me an opportunity to perfect my skills through the many training programs.

Do you miss vlogging and how was your experience as a vlogger?

Yes I do every opportunity I get I vlog.I am obsessed with it.I had an amazing experience especially when I would hit a million views on Facebook.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming talk show

My talk show also gives me an opportunity to express myself and make money doing what I love.

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