Lobby Wants Construction on Public Land Stopped 

MaryAnne  Musilo,

South C residents now wants the  government to give out the title deed of piece of land lying between Andulucia Academy  girls secondary school and South C medical centre.

This  follows after the land grabbing  saga that took place 3 years ago involving a  private developer, who erected a perimeter wall on the  land designated  for children’s playing ground, parking, and marketplace. They said the private developer wants to build a mall that will have negative impacts on the community.

Speaking at the press briefing, Chairperson of the National peace consortium, Dr. Hassan Kinyua said that  land grabbing scandals in the ward had intensified in the past five years where public land is used by individuals for personal interests.

This is a public space as you can see the electricity power poles raised in the middle of this space. There was a tarmac road, parking,  roundabout, loading and off-loading zones here. Why should one person cause disaster for the whole community,” said Dr. Kinyua.

The residents  also wants  public participation, so that they  may be aware of any development being carried out in the  ward so that everyone can benefit .

According to Rehema Bahati of the National Peace League, for over thirty years the ground has  never claimed by anyone until the new owner started to construct the wall.

This wall is blocking vehicles accessing the South Medical Center, school buses picking and dropping pupils from the Andalucia Academy have to reverse as a result of the blockage of this round-about. The distress has affected everyone in the community. Businesses cannot run as normal ,” she said.

They called upon the National Land Commission, Nairobi Metropolitan Service, Nairobi City County Government, and investigatory agencies to serve the voiceless in the community with justice.

Shane Mwigereri, a resident at the  ward said that they have a court order that stops the private developer from continuing the construction.


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