M-TIBA & Jubilee Health Insurance Partnership Positively Impacts Over 3,000 Lives

By Michelle Anzaya

M-TIBA and Jubilee Health Insurance are proud to announce the provision of health insurance to over 3,000 lives via their Group Micro Health Product. The product launched in April 2021 has greatly benefited over 45 SMEs across Nairobi, Kisumu, Meru and the Mt. Kenya regions.

The quick uptake has been made easier through the M-TIBA platform where users can conveniently view their health covers & track their insurance spend via their mobile phones.

Speaking during the milestone celebration, M-TIBA Managing Director, Mr. Moses Kuria expressed his confidence in the product and partnership. “I am very proud to see the strides this partnership has made in just 11 months. Together with our partners Jubilee Health Insurance, we have been able to provide affordable insurance services to over 45 SME’s and Sacco’s across the country. From this, we can see the increased interest in this product which blends well with our mission to positively impact more Kenyans”.

The partnership has seen both M-TIBA and Jubilee Health insurance work closely with over 600 insurance providers with a goal of achieving steady growth across the country with an overall goal of providing affordable insurance solutions to Kenyan SME’s.

“This is a very proud moment for us as Jubilee Health Insurance. Our partnership with M-TIBA has aided our Micro Health product surpass our expectations in terms of uptake. It’s very satisfying to see more SME’s & SACCOs invest in health insurance measures which has largely been driven by affordability and overall improved healthcare services across board. We shall continue to work with more healthcare providers to ensure that we have the capacity to offer more tailor-made services to our customers,” Said Dr. Patrick Gatonga, Senior Executive at Jubilee Health Insurance.

M-TIBA is a health financing and technology platform that connects the most important stakeholders to improve healthcare access and affordability. The digitization of these processes is driving an increase in access and a decrease in operational costs. M-TIBA gives scheme administrators a detailed view of how healthcare is being utilized and paid, thereby informing better decision making on health investments, epidemic responses, and quality of care.

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