Magana Flowers rebrands targeting new markets, customers and staff

Magana Flowers has announced a series of business realignments as it rebrands in time for
its 25 th birthday by building on a resilient past while repositioning itself in the international
flower markets.
The rebrand that includes a change of logo, renewed focus on direct marketing and dedication
to customers, stakeholders and the over 500 staff it employs comes as global markets and
dynamics in the industry continue to change dictated by changing customer preferences,
technology and weather.
To our customers, the farm will endevour to guarantee you true experience and
unforgettable joy. Our rebranding comes with a promise of renewed customer excellence
backed by our best quality and new varieties. There will be an enhanced ecosystem between
the farm and customers with good flow of communication and overall enhanced customer
experience. This will be in realization of customer satisfaction in terms of rebranding for a
brighter future of the business,” said Mr. Nicholas Ambanya the CEO of Magana Flowers
said while unveiling the new logo.

The flower farm that was established by astute businessman and former cabinet minister Dr.
Magana Njoroge Mungai has walked the close to 25-year journey guided by cutting edge
innovations that drive the company’s mantra of producing the best quality flower that meets
customers’ demands at low cost in its 25 hectares farm.

It is this philosophy that the company is looking to bolster with the rebrand. The detailed
flower journey has seen the company produce bespoke flower varieties that continue to excite
the markets from the Middle East to Europe and China.

“We are promising to enhance cooperation with our suppliers, breeders, the community and
regulatory agencies like the Kenya Flower Council, Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service
(KEPHIS) and Horticulture Crops Directorate. This is the climax of celebrating our turning
round the business which means stepping into stability.

We look forward to implement our strategic plan of strengthening the target markets while at
the same time developing and producing the quality demanded by the various market
segments. There will be a deliberate effort driven by a skilled and talented team that is now
in place whose mandate is to excellently manage the whole value chain,” Mr. Ambanya

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