Meet the City inspectorate officer whose role is to curb noise pollution

By Samson wire.

Shaban Muchelule has been credited with various crackdowns on noise pollutions within the city. After joining the council in 1990 and worked for 27 years as a mere constable, he has since been promoted to be the chief inspector Environment, Monitoring and compliance officer.

After joining the county Government in 1990 he became the training instructor in 2002, served in water and debt collection departments, Shaban has remained steadfast and committed to the course of service delivery.

While in charge,a number of bars owners have been arrested and arraigned in court for flouting various environmental rules among them Memfish, Usiu, Elekamino, Northern Bypass, rosky bar along Mombasa road among others.

In these operations a number of Shisha machines have been confiscated and suspects arraigned and charged in courts. Recently suspects arrested at Rosky bar along Mombasa road were charged Ksh40,000  in Court with a number of bars put on radar.

Governor mike sonko has vowed to continue with the crackdown on noisy bars and those flouting city by laws. Shaban attributes the vigor to the political support the Governor has always given to the department.

“Governor Sonko has always supported us. He gives us the much needed morale to deal with law breakers,”Said Shaban.

He said that the county Assembly should enact strict legislations to deal with environmental degradation such as noises from other quarters like buses and touting.


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